As an advocate for our client, ACC’S goal is to see that the adjusting and settlement process associated with a loss goes as smoothly as possible. When a loss occurs, our claims team actively engages with adjusters, insurers and legal representatives to help facilitate the settlement process and to make sure our clients receive the level of service they deserve. Our consultants bring the “big picture” into focus by assessing your overall claims management procedures and identifying the gaps and inefficiencies occurring in your internal and external claim management processes.

Claim Investigative Services

  • Claim Oversight
  • Training
  • GL & PD Claims

Administrative Services

  • Periodic Reporting
  • Automobile Recovery
  • Litigation Management
  • Claims Closure Projects
  • WC Claim Triage Service

Claims Advocacy

Our claims services focus on an active support approach of your overall claims and risk management strategy. When delivering claims advocacy services, our consultants use a systematic approach, which encourages continuous improvement and ultimate cost reduction in all coverage areas, including: Workers Compensation, Automobile, General Liability and Property insurance. This program includes:

  • Claims Management Program Review (internal & external)
  • Claim Services Contract Review
  • Negotiate Account Instructions
  • Coordinate Claim Reviews
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Staff Education & Training
  • Claim Reporting & Tracking
  • Monitor Claim Service Delivery

Claims Consulting

Project-specific claims consulting services is an excellent method to outsource components of your risk and claims process which are not always easily serviced internally. Our 25 plus years of claims management experience our instrumental in helping our clients obtain net savings to their bottom line. This program includes:

  • Performance Guarantee Management
  • Self-Insured Administration/Reporting
  • Risk/Claim Management Manual
  • Outsourced Claim Manager
  • Outsourced Risk Manager
  • Customized Training/Seminars
  • Claim Auditing
  • Settlement Day
  • Vendor Selection

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